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NanoMAXX is my new go to

I’ll test nanoMAXX tonight at Serramonte Mall in Daly City… there’s 12 seating areas of carpet throughout the mall, enjoyed by respective

ethnic groups from dawn to dark… old men that come to sit, and visit all day… near the food court challenging spills… 50,000 people visit every day, more at the Holidays… I start at 8 pm tonight.

Back at the Mall to inspect my work… this product is amazing… normally, the first night I can clean 6 of the 12 seated areas in 8 hours… last night I did 8 of them plus a 4300 sf carpet outside the Target store in 7 hours… ran out of clean finish bonnets! I’m back today to take dry after pictures. I used about 1.8 – 1.8 gallons total of mixed solution per 800 sf. Dry times very rapid! This stuff cuts through embedded soil faster than anything I’ve ever used. A couple before and after… I used 4 oz in my 3 gallon prespray containers.

I’ve never had another product, and I’ve beta tested a lot of them in years past, cut through crud like NanoMAXX does… or as quickly… this is my new go to… no oxidizes used above… didn’t need them with NanoMAXX, always boosted my prespray in the past here using “ old school cleaners”, lol.

We’re hooked on nanoMAXX!

NanoMaxx is doing amazing things with upholstery cleaning. For encapping (we ONLY encap), we typically we use 1 – 2 scoops of Radical Rinse depending on soil load on our lounge work agitated with a Cyclo Orbital with soft gray brushes and finished with microfibre towels. Great results, faster, better and more economical than anything else we’ve tried in the past. Adding Omega to that for fragrance and increased performance is also a favourite mix. BUT NanoMaxx is kicking that to the curb. Greasy soils from pets and hair product on headrests simply melts it away before we even touch it. For best results we mist No Rinse Spotter and/or Oxy with the NanoMaxx. Faster and better results than ever. Unbelievable! We’re hooked and can’t wait for the official release. NanoMaxx is a genuine game changer. Great work John!

Thanks for another great product

First, let me say thank you for allowing me to have the opportunity to trial your NanoMAXX product before hitting the market.  As you know, I used it at one of my cube farms. I clean Cube Farms, meaning hundreds of desks in a large open area. The traffic in this area reaches nearly a thousand people over it in a 24-hour period. The traffic area gets severely matted, discolored by parking lot oils, and gallons of spilled coffee and food. We used NanoMAXX on half and another popular product on the other half. NanoMAXX was mixed at one ounce per gallon in cold water and applied at approximately 400 square feet per gallon, then left to dwell for 10 minutes, then bonnet cleaned using Bonnet Pro IronMan bonnets. The other side was bonnet cleaned with another popular product mixed at 8 ounces per gallon in warm water applied at approximately 400 square feet per gallon and then bonnet cleaned using IronMan bonnets.  The results were amazing. Five weeks later the NanoMAXX side is still holding up better and appearance is much brighter than the other side. This account is done bimonthly due to the traffic volume. Thanks for another great product that really wowed not only my self and crew, but our client as well. 

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