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People love the idea of GREEN. Unfortunately, in the past green has never been able to deliver on cleaning performance promises. Now with nanoMAXX, green will not only meet your expectations but exceed them! So just imagine no more worrying about your health or the health of children at the daycare you clean or anywhere else. Now, finally you can really have both — a powerful and safe green carpet cleaner and multi-surface agent.

How can it be safe AND clean so well? Great question. Size matters and in this case small matters. With a particle size of about 20 hydrogen atoms, this incredibly small size allows nanoMAXX to penetrate hydrocarbons, oils and other sticky substances. Because of such a small molecular size, nanoMAXX can easily get inside to break apart and dissolve oily and sticky materials much faster than traditional chemicals that have a much larger molecule size and can get stuck on the outside of the substance.

Let’s put size into perspective: A nanometre is 1 billionth of a metre. A hair is 80,000 nanometres. A virus is about 100 nanometres. nanoMAXX is 1 to 4 nanometres in size! This incredible new cleaning tech possesses the power to not only break down hydrocarbons but also organic molecules. This chemistry enters the realm of quantum physics and thus its remarkable results. It is considered non-toxic to humans and plants and has an OSHA rating of 0!

Just 1 litre of nanoMAXX is equal to 8 litres of encap cleaner so it takes up less space, costs less, and is more powerful, so it will also reduce your cleaning time up to 50%, saving you even more money. nanoMAXX is the ultimate green clean! nanoMAXX delivers unrivalled cleaning performance, is incredibly human and planet safe and is more economical with dilutions that are very effective at only 40mls. per 5 litres in cold water.

nanoMAXX just may be the first perfect cleaner!

*Sq. mt. based on 30mls per 4 litres assuming 40 sq. mts. covered per RTU 4 litres.

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